This app uses TMDB to retrieve a list of Now Playing movies. You can add/remove movies to track which ones you’ve watched. There’s a “fake” auth flow as well to show navigation as well as tRPC middleware.

Simple app that showcases the following technology.

Expo + tRPC + Prisma + NextJS + Nx + zod + react-hook-form + solito


Add your database and TMDB bearer token (instructions here) to the .env file. If you aren’t using Postgres, make the appropriate changes to the Prisma schema.

If you use Postgres, we setup for you a docker image so you can start right away Run docker compose up to start the PostgreSQL database (Assuming you have the docker deamon installed)

Run yarn prisma:codegen and yarn prisma:migrate to setup the DB and generated client.

Running the App

Run the API

nx serve next-app

Run the App

nx run-ios mobile



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