An coffee cup vector icon Coffee Delivery

A preview of the running app on a MacBook pro

An awesome app to get a coffee, no matter where you are.


  • User can see a list of available coffees
  • User can add an item to cart
  • User can remove an item from cart
  • User can increase/decrease a single item quantity in the cart
  • User can see the quantity of a given product in the cart, in the header, without navigating to the checkout page
  • User can finish an order
  • User can use his/her own location as address in the checkout page
  • User can’t place an order without passing an address
  • Apply automated tests

Techs and tools used

  • React JS

  • Vite

  • Chakra UI

  • Phosphor Icons

  • React Toastify

  • Axios

  • Eruda

  • React Router Dom

  • HERE Geolocation API

How to run locally

First you must clone this repo on your machine

Once clone this repo, in a terminal/shell of your choice, navigate to the folder of the project and install the dependencies, either by running yarn or by running npm install.

After that, environment variables must be set, which of them you can see it’s names in the .env.example file in root of the project’s folder..

Once setup is done, project can be executed by running yarn dev or by running npm run dev, and open the url, that appears in the terminal, in an browser of your choice.

Figma’s layout here.

Developed on mobile device using Termux. ?


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