One Hit Wonders

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  • The goal of this group project was to create a React application and self learn the set up of a backend server. We wrote a dataset, connected it to PostgreSQL using the ORM Knex, and deployed both the app and api using Heroku.
  • Visit One Hit Wonders to see a list of six decades, which upon clicked, load ten inline Spotify elements that represent one hit wonders from that decade. The user can play the song from that element, click a link to visit the song’s Spotify page, and can click buttons to filter by song mood or to see additional information about the song/artist.


  • React
  • JavaScript
  • postgreSQL
  • Knex
  • Cypress
  • Router
  • HTML
  • CSS


  • Listen to the songs within the application through an embedded Spotify player.
  • Filter songs in a decade by mood.
  • Find out more information about the artist/song.

Possible Future Extensions

  • Create a favorites list which can exported to Spotify as a playlist.

Set Up

Organizational Resources



Project Specs

  • The project spec & rubric can be found here


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