Online Medical Chat App

Online Medical Chat App using React JS

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? Before you start

  1. Make sure Git and NodeJS is installed
  2. Yarn is faster than Npm. So use Yarn.
  3. Create .env file in both client and server folder.
  4. server/.env


  1. client/.env
  1. Create an account in Stream
  2. Create a new app. You can name it whatever you want.
  3. On app dashboard, you can copy your keys and paste it like shown below. Never share them with anyone else.

Copy these keys


  1. To use messaging functionality, Create an account in Twilio
  2. On app dashboard, copy keys which are shown below and paste them in .env file in server folder. Copy these keys as well
  3. To get Messaging service sid, go to Messaging/Services through dashboard sidebar.
  4. Create a messaging service in case it doesn’t exists Create messaging service
  5. Then, click on messaging service you created and you will be able to see its properties as shown below. Copy Messaging Service SID Copy messaging service SID

Make sure you don’t share them publicly.

? How to use this App?

  1. Clone this repository to your local computer.
  2. Open terminal in root directory and cd server
  3. Type and Run yarn install
  4. Run yarn run build to start back end server
  5. Now, in browser go to this URL http://localhost:5000/ You should see this in browser
  6. Now, nodejs server is configured and started. Next, we need to setup Client side server.
  7. Open a new Terminal and run yarn install
  8. Once packages are installed, type and run yarn start
  9. Now client side server will be started and you can start using this app ?

Authentication Page

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