Online Clothing Store using the MERN stack


  • Product reviews and ratings
  • Product pagination
  • Product search feature
  • User profile with orders
  • Full featured shopping cart
  • Admin product management
  • Admin user management
  • Admin Order details page
  • Mark orders as delivered option
  • Checkout process (shipping, payment method, etc)
  • PayPal / credit card integration
  • Database seeder (products & users)

Technology Stack:

  • Node js
  • Express Js
  • MongoDB
  • JWT
  • React
  • React Bootstrap
  • Redux
  • React Paypal Button V2


Env Variables

Create a .env file in then root and add the following

NODE_ENV = development
PORT = 5000
MONGO_URI = your mongodb uri
JWT_SECRET = 'abc123'
PAYPAL_CLIENT_ID = your paypal client id

Install Dependencies

npm install
cd frontend
npm install


# Run frontend (:3000) & backend (:5000)
npm run dev

# Run backend only
npm run server

Seed Database

You can use the following commands to seed the database with some sample users and products as well as destroy all data

# Import data
npm run data:import

# Destroy data
npm run data:destroy
  • Version: 1.0.0
  • License: MIT
  • Author: Said Mounaim