Launch faster with a Modern and Free community platform.
Within minutes, Orca gives you all the core features for building a community app,
which is beautifully designed, easy to use, and ready to scale.



Orca is a free and open-source community platform equipped with:

  • Real-time notifications Be notified instantly when someone likes or comments on your post, follows you, messages you, etc.
  • Email notifications Receive an email every time someone interacts with your profile or posts.
  • Messenger Have a private conversation with other members via an instant messaging system.
  • Newsfeed and a Follow system See the fresh posts of the members that you are following in your Newsfeed.
  • User presence system See instantly when members become online or leave the app.
  • Responsive Great user experience on every device and screen.
  • SEO-friendly Built-in SEO best practices such as meta tags and page loading performance.
  • Branding Customize the platform to match your brand.
  • UI library Dozens of reusable UI components are included.
  • Search and Explore Explore and Search for new members and their posts.


You'll need to have Node >=12.20.0, Yarn, and MongoDB installed and running on your machine.

Quick start

npx create-orca-app my-app

This command will create a directory my-app inside a current folder. In that directory, it will generate an initial project and install dependencies.

Once the installation is done, you can run the app locally.

cd my-app
yarn dev

Then open http://localhost:3000 to see your app.


Although these steps are enough to create an Orca app and run it locally, you'll need to create an admin user, configure CDN and Email service to use all the Orca's features. The Configuration Docs will walk you through all of it.


Thank you for considering contributing to Orca! The contribution guide can be found in the Orca documentation.


See our dedicated repository for the Orca documentation, or view it live.


Orca is an open-source software licensed as MIT.