Padel Club

Padel Club is Copenhagen based community for padel players. Join us for our next game, and have fun!



The backend is powered by PostgreSQL which is used to store the sessions and users related information. It is an open source relational database solution; my go-to choice for new projects.


A very powerfult React framework. The frontend and the API handling the database connection and queries is implemented in Typescript using this framework.


The project is containerized using Docker. You can build and run the project using the following commands:

  • sudo docker build -t padel-club .
  • sudo docker run -p 3002:3002 padel-club


  • Ability to leave the club (remove from members)
  • Admin page for adding new sessions
  • Store game results for more serious sessions
  • Filter expired sessions -> show only for people that need to pay or max 2-3 expired sessions
  • Personal page to see activity (sessions)
  • Ability to invite people to the club/session



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