Perform animation and transition of React component with ease


This library was inspired by the React Transition Group. It allows you to easily perform animations/transitions of your React component in a fully controlled manner:

  • ? Working with both CSS animation and transition.
  • ? Moving React components in and out of DOM seamlessly.
  • ? Using no derived state.
  • ? Efficient: each state transition results in at most one extract render for your component.
  • ? Tiny: ideal for both component libraries and applications.


# with npm
npm install react-transition-state

# with Yarn
yarn add react-transition-state


import { useTransition } from 'react-transition-state';
/* or import useTransition from 'react-transition-state'; */

function Example() {
  const [state, toggle] = useTransition({ timeout: 750, preEnter: true });
  return (
      <button onClick={() => toggle()}>toggle</button>
      <div className={`example ${state}`}>React transition state</div>

export default Example;
.example {
  transition: all 0.75s;

.example.exiting {
  opacity: 0;
  transform: scale(0.5);

.example.exited {
  display: none;

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useTransition Hook

function useTransition(
  options?: TransitionOptions
): [TransitionState, (toEnter?: boolean) => void, () => void];


Name Type Default Description
enter boolean true Enable or disable enter phase transitions
exit boolean true Enable or disable exit phase transitions
preEnter boolean Add a 'preEnter' state immediately before 'entering'
preExit boolean Add a 'preExit' state immediately before 'exiting'
initialEntered boolean Begining from 'entered' state
mountOnEnter boolean State will be 'unmounted' until hit enter phase for the first time. It allows you to create lazily mounted component.
unmountOnExit boolean State will become 'unmounted' after 'exiting' finishes. It allows you to transition component out of DOM.
timeout number |
{ enter?: number; exit?: number; }
Set timeout in ms for transitions; you can set a single value or different values for enter and exit transitions.

Return value

The useTransition Hook returns an array of values in the following order:

  1. state: 'preEnter' | 'entering' | 'entered' | 'preExit' | 'exiting' | 'exited' | 'unmounted'
  2. toggle: (toEnter?: boolean) => void
  • If no parameter is supplied, this function will toggle state between enter and exit phases.
  • You can set a boolean parameter to explicitly switch into one of the two phases.
  1. endTransition: () => void
  • Call this function to stop transition which will turn state into 'entered' or 'exited'.
  • You will normally call this function in the onAnimationEnd or onTransitionEnd event.
  • You must either call this function explicitly in your code or set a timeout value in Hook options.