Pinterest Clone

About The Project

There are many good ideas of projects used with the main purpose of learning a technology. A good side project is always one that isn’t too complicated, but allows you to learn the basic syntax of the technologies used and a bit of how to structure an application with those technologies. A Pinterest Clone is a good example of that. In this project you will practice tha basics of creating a GraphQL API (CRUD, Project Structure, Best Practices…).

Here Are Some Features In the Project:

  • Users can login to their account with a simple email / password login.
  • Users can create new posts to their wall.
  • A post will contain an image, a description, and a title.
  • Users can delete their posts.
  • Users can save other peoples posts.
  • A wall with the posts from every user.

Technologies Used:

  • ReactJS
  • NodeJS
  • GraphQL
  • Apollo Client
  • Any database you want (MongoDB recommended)
  • Cloudinary (for storing pictures)

Note: All the services above are free to use

Starter Code:

The code provided already sets up the client and the server. The GraphQL setup is done and one type is already created (the user type). Use the starter code provides a good start to the project, but you will need to do a lot on your own. If you are wondering how to structure the project, I put some pictures of mine Pinterest clone down below.

Main Page

alt text

Create Pin Page

alt text

When you click on a Pin

alt text


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