React Library Generator

React library generator is a CLI that helps you to build a scaffold for your library. It's fully customizable, and you can determine what you want. Also, this CLI create documentation for your library and provide various test utilities. asciicast


  • Simple to use CLI and fully customizable
  • ES6 and Flow syntax support
  • Testing (Jest, Ava, Enzyme)
  • Different supported style languages (Sass, Less, PostCSS, CSS)
  • Documentation (Docz)
  • Rollup for Bundling
  • Bundles es and cjs module formats
  • Babel for Transpiling
  • Source map creation
  • Automatic code linting via esLint
  • Supports peer-dependencies
  • Protect your git branches with Husky
  • Check Library name availability on NPM before generating


npm i -g react-library-generator
yarn add global react-library-generator


$ react-library-generator