Steps to follow for prisma adaptor to work

1.) In .env paste the DATABASE_URL= from railway or PlanetScale

2.) Run:

npx prisma migrate dev

This will create an SQL migration file and execute it.

3.) Generate Client

npx prisma generate

4.) To configure your database to use the new schema (i.e. create tables and columns) use the prisma migrate command:

npx prisma migrate dev

Steps to follow for Auth to work

  • Have a secret
  • Have a JWT secret
  • As well as the id and url for your auth provider

Steps to follow for SEO to work

  • next-sitemap add url to website
  • /public/site.webmanifest add the necessary names
  • In the SEO component fill in the fields for your website

What this project contains:

  • Next Auth
  • Prisma
  • Tailwind
  • Recoil
  • Next SEO
  • Next themes
  • React skeleton
  • react-spinners



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