To-do list React

Description the project. This project demostrate the abilities working with React!

You can see the todo list with a simple style, I will improve the styles on weekend Mi video-9

Built With

  • JavaScript
  • CSS
  • HTML
  • WebPack
  • React

Live Demo

No demo abailable yet

Getting Started


If you installed git you can clone the code to your machine, or download a ZIP of all the files directly.

  • Clone the repo
  • cd into the project directory
  • npm install
  • npm start (to start/run the project)

Download the ZIP from this location, or run the following git command to clone the files to your machine:

git clone [email protected]:LuisDavidRodriguez/To-do-react.git
  • Once the files are on your machine, open the Portfolio folder in Visual Studio Code

  • With the files open in Visual Studio Code, press the Go Live button at the bottom of the window to launch the files with Live Server.


? Luis David Rodriguez Valades

? Contributing

Contributions, issues, and feature requests are welcome!

Feel free to check the issues page.

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  • Hat tip to anyone whose code was used
  • Inspiration
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