BCS Radial Menu

This project is to freshen up the options for free radial menu for FiveM. It is inspired by qb-radialmenu config and nashvail radial menu design.


  • Optimized 0.00 (Depending on your framework max tested is 0.03)
  • Minimalistic Design with tooltip for label
  • Responsive Design
  • Flexible menu with exports for addition on the go
  • Supports ESX and QBCore for job menu

Screenshots & Preview



A Menu option will have the properties of

Properties Detail
label Text to display in the tooltip (Must be unique)
icon Icon string (here is the list)
event Client or Server event to trigger
client True to trigger a client event and false to trigger server event
shouldClose Whether or not if the menu should close after clicking the option
args Arguments when triggering the event (Optional)

Configuring the menu and submenus can be done inside Config.RadialMenu in the config.lua.

Additionally to add an option in the home menu in a specific event (such as store car option in a parking lot), you can use

    label = 'the label you want',
    icon = 'MdPhone', -- For example
    event = 'open:phone',
    client = true,
    shouldClose = true,
    args = {'test', '123', 4}

Don’t forget to remove the menu after you are done with it. It takes the label property as its argument.

exports['hud']:removeMenu('the label you want')

To Create a menu option with a submenu, label, icon, and submenu properties are needed. In theory it should be possible to create as many submenu you want.
For Example:

    label = 'Job Menu',
    icon = 'MdWork',
    submenu = {
            label = 'the label you want',
            icon = 'MdPhone', -- For example
            event = 'open:phone',
            client = true,
            shouldClose = true,
            args = {'test', '123', 4}
        -- and continues

Further option can be seen in the config.lua folder!


Contribution is welcome! Feel free to fork and create a pull request. I believe my code is still messy and needs more refactoring (as of 0.7.0 release)


Further support or issue can be submitted in the github issue or in my (discord)[https://discord.gg/caa7xt2d8G]

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