Rancid Tomatillos


Rancid Tomatillos is a mash-up between IMDB, Rotten Tomatoes, and any movie database that comes to mind, but on a much smaller scale! A user is able to view all movies in card format on the homepage; clicking on a movie card or selecting alphabetically by movie title from the dropdown directs to another page with additional movie details. On a given film’s movie page, you can see a movie’s main poster, backdrop image, and a few other little details about the selected film. Click around and explore all 40 films! ?

Learning Goals

  • Gain competency with React fundamentals
  • Learn how to test React components & asynchronous JS
  • Practice refactoring
  • Create a multi-page UX using Router


  • JavaScript
  • CSS
  • API fetch
  • React
  • React Router
  • Cypress

Set Up

  1. Clone this repository.
  2. cd into the directory.
  3. Run npm install.
  4. Start the server by running npm start and view at http://localhost:3000/.
  5. To run tests, first install Cypress with npm i -D cypress then run npm run cypress.
  6. Enter control + c to stop the server at any time.


Rancid Tomatillos gif

  • User sees movie cards ? on page load
  • User can click a movie’s image ? to be directed to a page with its details that has a backdrop ? image
  • User can also use the dropdown ⤵️ on the homepage to find a movie ? alphabetically
  • User can click the back arrow ⬅ on browser OR arrow on bottom right to return to home ? page
  • User sees a “loading” ⏳ message if their download speed is too slow ?
  • User sees an error ⛔️ message if there is an error with the network request

Organizational Resources

Future Features

  • User can view trailers from YouTube
  • User can log in to add and delete their own ratings
  • Movie details page displays budget, revenue, and runtime
  • User can filtered movies by genre, release date, average rating, and/or runtime
  • Website title allows user to go back to home page
  • Use another API to show list of main actors per movie


  • React makes it so much faster to spin up an app! There was definitely a learning curve to figuring out how components should be structured and how data should be passed around – making a diagram before actually writing any code was incredibly helpful. React syntax was a bit of an adjustment overall but team very quickly got used to it!
  • Team had difficulties making MovieDisplay a functional component and opted to make it a class component. Also, when refactoring with React Router, team struggled initially when the conditional rendering using a ternary had to be discarded along with any event listeners.
  • Cypress ? testing was very exciting to perform for the first time! Although it was easy to maneuver around the E2E window/UI, some of the methods were tough to utilize (e.g. find, select) specifically with the dropdown. Initially, team had a hard time testing for existence of images.
  • Team utilized a Determine the Relationship (DTR) document detailing team collaboration expectations and stayed true to what was agreed upon for entire duration of the project! ❤️


Project Specifications

  • Project specs can be found here.


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