A social media application!

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Stack Used

  • React
  • Firebase :
    • Authentication : To Login and Signup Users
    • Firestore Database : To store users and posts information
    • Firebase Storage – To Upload images
  • TypeScript

Tools and Additional Framework :

  • Redux Toolkit
  • Redux Thunk
  • React Router v6
  • React Toastify
  • React Icons

How To Run in Local –

Run these commands in your terminal

git clone
cd ./Seeker
npm install
  • Go To Firebase
  • Create A Project
  • Add .env.local file to the root directory
  • Place all your app related keys from the created firebase project and place it in the .env.local as below

REACT_APP_API_KEY=<your key>
REACT_APP_PROJECT_ID=<your project id>
REACT_APP_STORAGE_BUCKET=<your storage bucket>
REACT_APP_APP_ID= <your app id>

After that Run in your local with this command.

npm start

And now this application runs in your local machine too.



  • First Name
  • Last Name
  • Set a username
  • User Login (Email, Password || Sign In With Google)
  • Logout

User Related Operations

  • Create A post
  • Update Post
  • Delete Post
  • Like / Remove Like from Post
  • Comment on a post
  • Add/Remove post To/From Bookmarks
  • Follow/ Unfollow a user
  • Edit logged in user’s profile details such as name , username, bio, portfolio link, DP
  • Relevant Toast Messages on success or error of certain functionalities

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Special thanks to my team members (team D3) for reviewing this project!


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