ReachOut – Job Seeking App for the Differently Abled

ReachOut aims to be a one-stop shop to satisfy all the job-needs for specially abled people.
It helps connec companies with the workforce while promopting a positive environment for people wih speical needs to ineract.
ReachOut’s goal is to abide by all WCAG rules by following WAI-ARIA protocols

Features ?‍?


  • The entire website will designed with accessibility (a11y) at the forefront.
  • Designing web components keeping visually impaired in mind
  • Keyboard navigation for better accessibility
  • Companies can register their job positions, and people with special needs can apply for those jobs
  • Companies can hire test candidates for accessibility testing of their products
  • Backend Database Connectivity
  • Speech to Text for search

Future Scope

  • Face Login
  • Payment Gateway Integration

Tech Stack ?

Client: ?

  • React
  • TailwindCSS

Server: ?️?

  • Node
  • MongoDB

Description ?

UI design

  • The UI will be high-contrast so that it remains accessible the color blind
  • There will be options to change the font, font-size, clickable link formatting, button contrast, etc in the future.


  • Two Access login from – Users and Companies.
    • Companies can list Job posititons for recruitment.
    • Users can search for jobs suitable to their abilities.
  • Aadhar Card number is used while registering, so that the user can be informed about the various schemes/initiatives/incentives he is eligible for from his employer, while selecting a job


  • If the user already uses some 3rd party service for it, the website will conform to the standard accessibility specifications for easy integration
  • Speech-to-Text/Screen Reader will be made available.
  • Users can register using Face ID instead of standard username/password.

DataBase Connecivity

  • Backend DataBase Connectivity using MongoDB is implemented.
  • So User/Recruiter Company info is stored and they are recommended Jobs/Employees according to their preferences.

Team Members ?

Screenshots ?