Occamy Text

Occamy is choranaptyxic, meaning it will grow or shrink to fit available space

-- Fantastic Beasts and Where to Find Them


To build the examples locally, run:

cd example
npm install
npm start


npm install --save react-occamy-text


import * as React from 'react';

import OccamyText from 'react-occamy-text';

class Example extends React.Component {
  render () {
    return <OccamyText>Abra cadabra flipendo, alabif shazam!</OccamyText>;

It should not be used inside auto-sized (eg. height: auto) elements.


  • children – the text that need to be resized
  • grow – true if the text can scale up its original size (default true)
  • shrink – true if the text can scale down its original size (default true)
  • maxFontSize – maximum font size in pixels (default 96)
  • minFontSize – minimum font size in pixels (default 4)
  • maxFontSizeVariation – maximum font size variation per iteration (default 8)
  • minFontSizeVariation – minimum font size variation per iteration (default 0.3)
  • maxHeight – maximum height (default undefined, parent height will be used instead)


OccamyText is rendered as a div with occamy-text class and height: 100% style defined inline to make it fits in its parent.


The output text will not always perfectly fit the parent height, in some cases a subtile tollerance is accepted, giving always the larger text that doesn't exceed its parent.


To get started, in one tab, run:
npm run start
And in another tab, run the create-react-app devserver:
cd example && npm run start