React OnVisible component

React component that applies a css class to the container when the element is in the browser viewport.

This is a higher order react component that applies the css class visible to the container when the element becomes more than 50% visible in the browser viewport.

It only attaches to browser events on the client, so is also safe to use for server rendering.

Viewport visibility is calculated by listening to a debounced window scroll event (10ms), and once the element has been found to be visible, no further changes are applied unless the bounce prop is set to true.


percent - number

Percentage (100 based) of element that should be visible before triggering change. eg percent={80}

visibleClassName - string

ClassName that should be added to element once visible

onChange - function

Callback when visibility changes. Argument is a boolean, true for visible, false for not.

bounce - boolean

Whether visibility should be continuously calculated, or just until the element becomes visible. defaults to false. Go easy with this, don't expect amazing performance with many tens or hundreds of elements (getBoundingClientRect).

wrappingElement - string

The string representation of the html element used to wrap children. Defaults to a div

setDefaultProps - static function

The user can override default props via this function. If you want everything to bounce, for example, then can do this:

import OnVisible, { setDefaultProps } from 'react-on-visible';

    bounce: true,
    visibleClassName: 'appear',
    percent: 10

and so on.


import React from 'react';
import OnVisible from 'react-on-visible';

export default function someComponent(props) {
  return (
    <OnVisible className="my-container">
      <h1>I will be rendered inside a div that has class 'my-container' only until I become visible, at which point the container will have the classes 'my-container visible'</h1>

A further example is available in the demo folder of this project.