React generate SVG component CLI

This is the CLI for generating SVG components from SVG files.

Only 2 dependencies for work with CLI.

Installation and Usage

Prerequisites: Node.js (^12.22.0, ^14.17.0, or >=16.0.0) built with SSL support. (If you are using an official Node.js distribution, SSL is always built in.)

You can install using npm:

npm i react-svg-cli

After that, you can execute by the command inner package.json, or inner project folder:

react-svg-cli -d $PATH_TO_IN_DIR -o $PATH_TO_OUT_DIR

See the Arguments for more information.


Required arguments:

-o $PATH and -d $PATH – required arguments in and out dir

react-svg-cli -o components/svg -d assets/icons/svg

Also can be like this:

–outPath=$PATH and –inPath=$PATH – the same above

react-svg-cli --outPath=components/svg --inPath=assets/icons/svg

Allowed arguments:

-e $TYPE or –extension=$TYPE – extension type for out file

react-svg-cli ... -e .js

react-svg-cli ... --extension=.js


Example of in svg file:


Example of out svg component file:



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