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? React Log Hook
Lightweight & customizable logging hook for your react components lifecycle

? react-log-hook

React hook for logging per component lifecycle


  • ? Lightweight — under 500B gzipped
  • ?️ Typed — made with TypeScript, ships with types
  • ? Simple — don’t worry about any changes in your props & state
  • ? Customizable — work in progress ?
  • ? Tested — up to 100% coverage
  • ?️ Fast — native react hooks & optimized
  • ? Minimal dependecies — only some lodash functions


With npm

npm install react-log-hook

With yarn

yarn add react-log-hook


import {useLog} from 'react-log-hook'

const App = () => {
  // Add a logger
  const {log} = useLog()

  const [state, setState] = useState(null)

  // Log the changes via console in real time!

  return null


Comming Soon!


  • Add previous state checking
  • Use object copy to persist in time
  • Use console groups to handle all the logs
  • Support SSR & Server components
  • Polish the looks with component names, function calls, time etc
  • TBD


  • ? Stars & ? Pull Requests are welcome for sure! ❤️


? react-log-hook uses npm & npm scripts in development, the following scipts can be handy:

npm run start:demo

Starts a demo app with enabled hook to check it in real environment

npm run storybook

Starts storybook with exmaple components to test against

npm run release:check

Combination of linting, type-checking & tests; runs as precommit hook


MIT License


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