Inspired by use-dark-mode. And after being frustrated by it’s shortcomings, @rbnd/react-dark-mode was created.

npm version

How it works

This package will take care of switching between light, dark and system preference. It will also get rid of the annoying flash between dark-light mode you get when opening a webpage.


TODO: Add example app and codebase.


$ npm i @rbnd/react-dark-mode


1. Add provider to the root of your app

import { DarkModeProvider } from "@rbnd/react-dark-mode"

const App = () => {

  // ...

  return (
      {/* Your other components */}

2. Change modes

import { useDarkMode } from "@rbnd/react-dark-mode"

const Settings = () => {
  const { mode, setMode } = useDarkMode()

  return (
      onClick={() => setMode("dark")}
      active={mode === "dark"}>

3. Implement styles

Class name will be applied to the html element.

.light-mode {
  color-scheme: light;
  background-color: white;
  color: black;
.dark-mode {
  /* Don't forget the color-scheme css attribute. This will avoid light scrollbars in dark mode. */
  color-scheme: dark;
  background-color: black;
  color: white;

4. Get rid of the flash

Copy the noflash.min.js from node_modules/@rbnd/react-dark-mode/src/noflash.min.js to your public folder and add it as a script to your <head>.

    <!-- ... -->
    <script src="/noflash.min.js"></script>

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