React library to safely render HTML, filter attributes, autowrap text with matchers, render emoji characters, and much more.

Interweave is a robust React library that can...

  • Safely render HTML without using dangerouslySetInnerHTML.
  • Safely strip HTML tags.
  • Automatic XSS and injection protection.
  • Clean HTML attributes using filters.
  • Interpolate components using matchers.
  • Autolink URLs, IPs, emails, and hashtags.
  • Render Emoji and emoticon characters.
  • And much more!
<Interweave content="This string contains <b>HTML</b> and will safely be rendered!" />
  content="This contains a URL,, and a hashtag, #interweave, that will be converted to an anchor link!"
  matchers={[new UrlMatcher('url'), new HashtagMatcher('hashtag')]}


  • React 16.8+ / 17+
  • IE 11+
  • Emoji support: fetch, sessionStorage


Interweave requires React as a peer dependency.

yarn add interweave react
// Or
npm install interweave react