React scaffolding

An opinionated scaffolding with the following technical stack and configuration:

  • React (15.x.x)
  • React Router (2.x)
  • Flux by using Redux (3.x)
  • Webpack
  • CSS Modules
  • Stylus
  • Seamless Immutable
  • Hot module replacement
  • Babel
  • Testing mocha + shallow rendering with React

The idea is to provide a base structure that enable consumers to start building features and deliver a production ready package of a Single Page App.


  • [ ] Better examples of styling and way of sharing styles between css modules and js
  • [ ] Test examples for unit test with shallow rendering.

Getting started

To start hacking simply do:

$ make install-githooks
$ npm install
$ make run

Point browser to http://localhost:9898

For more detailed reference continue reading.

Rational behind the stack

Check the resources section for talks and explanations on WHY the stack I present here.

Bundle process

The scaffolding provides a feature-rich configuration for delivering the application as well as a rich development experience.
Go here to read more about the details of our bundle process.

Architecture (React + Flux)

React patterns

Other patterns