React ^17.0.2

MySQL with phpMyAdmin

Import the Database:

  1. Open phpMyAdmin – I used XAMP to run a MariaDB MySQL Server.

  2. Import thirdprojectdb.sql to a new database named thirdprojectdb

  3. Make sure the following MySQL connection settings are correct inside the file config-dev.json located in the Backend:

Database Host: localhost

Database Name: thirdprojectdb

Database User: root

Database Default Password: (empty)

Download and Install:

  1. Download my project and cd into it using the following commands:

git clone
cd React-Vacations-Full-Stack-Project
  1. Install required node modules for the Backend and the Frontend using the following commands:

cd frontend
npm install
cd ../backend
npm install

Run Instructions:

  1. Make sure the MySQL server is up and running – For XAMP you also need to make sure Apache is running to be able to access phpMyAdmin.
  2. First, Run the Backend: (Make sure you’re on the React-Vacations-Full-Stack-Project folder)

cd backend
node app
  1. Next, Run the Frontend:

cd ../frontend
npm start

The project should open up on http://localhost:3000/ and load up my first react project!








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