React Video Markers

React Video player with markers.


npm install react-video-markers --save
# or
yarn add react-video-markers
import React, { Component } from 'react';
import VideoPlayer from 'react-video-markers';

class App extends Component {
  state = {
    isPlaying: false,
    volume: 0.7
  handlePlay = () => {
    this.setState({isPlaying: true});
  handlePause = () => {
    this.setState({isPlaying: false});
  handleVolume = value => {
    this.setState({volume: value});
  render () {
    const {isPlaying, volume} = this.state;

    return <VideoPlayer


Prop Description Default
controls Set visible controls. Available controls: play, time, progress, volume, full-screen ['play', 'time', 'progress', 'volume', 'full-screen']
height Set the height of the player '360px'
width Set the width of the player '640px'
isPlaying Set to true or false to play or pause the media false
volume Set the volume of the player, between 0 and 1 0.7
loop Set to true or false to loop the media false
markers Set array of markers. Example: [{id: 1, time: 5, color: '#ffc837', title: 'Marker 1'}] []
timeStart Set the second number to start playing video 0
url The url of a video

Callback props

Prop Description
onPlay Called when video is started
onPause Called when media is paused
onVolume Called when volume is changed. Callback contains volume
onProgress Callback contains event
onDuration Callback contains duration of the media, in seconds
onMarkerClick Called when marked is clicked. Callback contains marker object. Example: {id: 1, time: 5, color: '#ffc837', title: 'Marker 1'}