Higher Order Component for ReactTable to enable Draggable columns for reordering or swapping positions.

*Note: This version supports V6 of React Table.


npm install --save react-table-hoc-draggable-columns


import ReactTable from 'react-table';
import "react-table/react-table.css";
import withDraggableColumns from 'react-table-hoc-draggable-columns';
import 'react-table-hoc-draggable-columns/dist/styles.css';

const ReactTableDraggableColumns = withDraggableColumns(ReactTable);
render () {
  return (
      draggableColumns= {{
        mode: 'reorder',
        draggable: ['firstName', 'age']
          Header: 'First Name',
          accessor: 'firstName',
          Header: 'Last Name',
          accessor: 'lastName',
          Header: 'age',
          accessor: 'age',

draggableColumns Prop

Property Description Default value Type Required
mode mode to either 'reorder' the column or 'swap' column position on drop 'reorder' string yes
draggable array of column accessors to allow drag and drop array of strings
enableColumnWideDrag when {true} entire column is draggable. when {false} only header text is draggable true bool
disableTableScroll disable ReactTable horizontal/vertical scrolling when dragging a column false bool
overflow used with disableTableScroll={true} to reset ReactTable overflow style onDragEnd event auto string
useDragImage clone dragged column element? useful for applying a different css class. true bool
dragImageClassName dragImageClassName only applies when useDragImage={true} rt-dragged-item string
onDragEnterClassName when mode={'swap'} - css class applied on dragged over column rt-drag-enter-item string
onDraggedColumnChange callback method to be notified when column order changes - signature: function(columns) function
onDropSuccess callback method to be notified when on column drop success - signature: function(draggedColumn, targetColumn, oldIndex, newIndex, oldOffset, newOffset) function
reorderIndicatorUpClassName additional className for reorder indicator Up string
reorderIndicatorDownClassName additional className for reorder indicator Down string