? Remix Fundamentals

Build Better websites with Remix

Remix enables you to build fantastic user experiences for the web and not be
ashamed of the code that got you there. Get a jumpstart on Remix with this


System Requirements

All of these must be available in your PATH. To verify things are set up
properly, you can run this:

git --version
node --version
npm --version

If you have trouble with any of these, learn more about the PATH environment
variable and how to fix it here for windows or


Follow these steps to get this set up:

git clone https://github.com/kentcdodds/remix-fundamentals.git
cd remix-fundamentals
npm run setup

If you experience errors here, please open an issue with as many
details as you can offer.


You’ll find all the exercises in the exercises directory. The finished version
of each exercise is in the final directory. Each directory is a completely
contained Remix app.

The purpose of the exercise is not for you to work through all the material.
It’s intended to get your brain thinking about the right questions to ask me as
I walk through the material.

Running each app

Each directory in the final and exercises directories is a Remix app. The
easiest way to run these without having to cd into each directory is to use
the dev.js script in the root of this repository:

# to run the first exercise app:
node dev exercise/01

# or to run the final version of the 2nd exercise
node dev final/02

Each will run on a unique port so you can run multiple apps at once.

Helpful Emoji ? ? ? ? ? ? ? ? ? ?‍? ?

Each exercise has comments in it to help you get through the exercise. These fun
emoji characters are here to help you.

  • Kody the Koala ? will tell you when there’s something specific you should
  • Marty the Money Bag ? will give you specific tips (and sometimes code)
    along the way
  • Hannah the Hundred ? will give you extra challenges you can do if you
    finish the exercises early.
  • Nancy the Notepad ? will encourage you to take notes on what you’re
  • Olivia the Owl ? will give you useful tidbits/best practice notes and a
    link for elaboration and feedback.
  • Dominic the Document ? will give you links to useful documentation
  • Berry the Bomb ? will be hanging around anywhere you need to blow stuff
    up (delete code)
  • Matthew the Muscle ? will indicate that you’re working with an exercise
  • Chuck the Checkered Flag ? will indicate that you’re working with a final
  • Peter the Product Manager ?‍? helps us know what our users want
  • Alfred the Alert ? will occasionally show up in the test failures with
    potential explanations for why the tests are failing.

Workshop Feedback

Each exercise has an Elaboration and Feedback link. Please fill that out after
the exercise and instruction.

At the end of the workshop, please go to this URL to give overall feedback.
Thank you! https://kcd.im/rmx-fundamentals-ws-feedback


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