Retro BnB

? Collab project with bc-kelly and mckaymatt3 ?

Intro Welcome to RetroBnB the pinnacle of stays, where we put a retro twist on the vacation rental model. We had a lot of fun implementing the functionality and styling to give it more of a vintage/1990s/earlier days of internet twist. Hope you all like it as well!

Frontend For the frontend we implemented the following features:

  • Architectured a smooth component structure to optimize the code applied within our dynamic app
  • Employed asynchronous fetches for CRUD functionality for stays & reviews
  • Applied useEffect & useState functionality for fetching the backend data
  • Implemented UX/UI design thinking to create a user-friendly experience
  • Created the site structure to update based on mobile vs desktop viewing experience

Site Preview: RetroBnB

Backend For the backend:

  • Involved Ruby, Sinatra & Postgresql to create the stay, review, and user data structures and routes
  • Tested the fetches as needed with binding.pry or Postman to ensure back-end worked appropriately

Deploy To deploy we chose to use Netlify for our front end and Heroku for our backend. We updated our build, fetches, functionality, etc. to ensure a smooth user experience.


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