How SFN-Vis works

SFN-Vis parses the output of your AWS Step Functions docker container (that runs locally, for testing) and indexes it then serves it along with a frontend for viewing the log streams.

Docker required

Right now you need to be running SFN-Vis in docker so it can print the logs. There’s no other way to get logs from the local Step Functions runner, unless we do something with a Log4J backend.

This is a bad idea: If we can get a Log4Shell explot to occur we could exec some code to forward logs to this visualizer


How to run

  1. Build the react app yarn build
  2. Build the app cargo build --release
  3. Move the binary mv ./target/release/sfn-vis /usr/local/bin/
  4. Run the app sfn-vis [YOUR CONTAINER ID / NAME]


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