Simple project that you can track the changes on crpytocurrencies price and buy NFTs.

About The Project


My sole purpose in this project is to practice. I am really new in the development industry and i wanted to try something new. I just started working on it, have a long way ahead. In some parts, i had to use dummy data because of the lack of API’s data. (still student, used a free API) I will try to develop the project whenever i have time. Thats all. These are some snapshots from the project:

Welcome Page image image image image

Cryptocurrencies: image image

NFT Page: image image image


Built With

  • React


Ulas Rotinda Guler – [email protected]https://www.linkedin.com/in/ula%C5%9F-rotinda-g%C3%BCler-a605981b4/

Project Link: https://github.com/urg0/coindom


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