Event ticketing application with Next.js and Firebase

An event management system that allows users to create and share events. After creating an event, the creator (user) can share the event ticketing URL so others can register for each event. They also get notified and receive the event tickets via email.

The application does the following:

  • authenticates users via Email and Password with Firebase,
  • allows users to create events and generate an RSVP or registration link to share with friends or the public.
  • when someone registers via your invite (RSVP) link, they receive the event ticket in their email, including a passcode which you can use to verify their event ticket from your dashboard.
  • The application also allows you as a user to view the number of people who registered for your event, validate an attendee’s ticket via the passcode they receive, and also disable the registration link when you have enough attendees. You can also delete an event after it has occurred.

Event ticketing system

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How-to Guide

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  • Clone the project repository. Don’t forget to star the repo 😉
  • Run npm install to install its dependencies.
  • Start the development server by running npm start



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