??? Token Gated Video Clips ???

Simple video clip sharing marketplace protected by NFT token gating.

? Contract

⚔️ Used technologies

Solidity: Smart contract development language.

OpenZeppelin: Wonderful library for the ERC721 protocol.

HardHat: Solidity development framework.

? Description

This is hardhat based smart contract project and has 2 smart contracts for the video sharing marketplace.

  1. ERC721 token contract.
    Repsten Address

  2. NFT marketplace contract.
    Repsten Address

? DApp

⚔️ Used technologies

Web3.js: Node.js library to integrate the front end into the smart contract backend.

antd: Excellent UI template library for react.js.

React.js: For our front end building.

ipfs: Decentralized storage service. We stores all metadata here.

Firebase Database: Centralized data store for protected video information.

? Description

This is react.js based decentralized front-end application for video creator and buyers.
Now it has the following features.

  1. Wallet connection.
    It only supports MetaMask now but I will grow this to support many more wallets.
  2. Create & Mint.
    Any user can create his/her own video content in the site as well as it’s access token NFT here.
  3. Market.
    All videos’ access token NFTs are listed here.
    Buyers can browse these videos tokens and trade them with ethereum.
  4. Watch video content.
    If buyer has access token for any video, he can watch the original video content linked by the token.

It’s very simple now, but will have many more interesting features.

? References

How to Token Gate on MintGate

NFT Meaning & Token Gating


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