Some integration challenge based on Benjamin Code’s YT video

Inte marvel / benjamin code's challenge

Just for the sake of it, I went for react and totally overengineered the thing… But it was good practice and a fun project to make.
Things to note : I went for simple hooks to manage card state. It’s a bit ugly but bringing in a store manager would have been way too much for a simple UI that’s not destined to be put to prod or anything.
Also : I’m sure there’s tons of hardcoded values & unoptimized stuff left, but since the goal was to go as fast as possible well… Here goes ? This project will remain “as is” and not intended to be scalable.
If you want to fork it to build a prod project, here are a few things to work on :

  1. add routing (no active links in nav components)
  2. add a store manager or some context to hold readable and scalable state
    doing 2), you will also need to refactor the card components to rid them of their state props

/!\ Not responsive !

Check out Benjamin’s video on YouTube.

Install, run & build

npm install

npm run client

Runs the app in the development mode.

npm run build

Build it and it’ll come!


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