SpotGPT – Personalized AI-Powered Playlist Generator

SpotGPT is an innovative application that empowers users to create their ultimate playlist with the help of artificial intelligence. With SpotGPT, users can enter any text they want, whether it’s about their current mood, how they feel, or simply describing their preferences. The possibilities are endless! Powered by the GPT-3.5-turbo model from OpenAI, SpotGPT intelligently analyzes the user’s input and generates a curated playlist tailored to their tastes.

Live Demo

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How It Works

  1. User Input: Users enter their thoughts, emotions, or music preferences into the input box.
  2. AI-Generated Playlist: SpotGPT’s AI engine processes the user’s text and utilizes the OpenAI API to provide personalized song recommendations.
  3. Spotify Integration: The app seamlessly integrates with the Spotify API for user authentication and playlist generation.
  4. Save and Listen: Once the playlist is generated, users can preview the suggested tracks and, if satisfied, save the playlist directly to their Spotify account to enjoy it anytime, anywhere.

Bootstrapped With


Tech Stack

  • React (Frontend UI)
  • OpenAI API (Personalized song recommendations)
  • Spotify API (User authentication and playlist generation)
  • Axios (HTTP requests to APIs)
  • Chakra UI (Styling user interface components)
  • Vercel (Deployment)

SpotGPT brings a whole new level of excitement to music discovery by combining the power of AI and the convenience of Spotify. Whether you’re looking for workout tunes, relaxing melodies, or exploring new genres, SpotGPT has got you covered. Give it a try and let the magic of AI curate your perfect playlist!


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