Spotify React Web Client

Spotify Web Client using Spotify Web API and Spotify Playback SDK.

This project was bootstrapped with Create React App.


  • Play full audio tracks.
  • Control playback (pause, volume, shuffle, etc).
  • Add or edit your playlists.
  • See your recently played tracks and your top artists.
  • Follow and unfollow playlists and artists.
  • Add or remove tracks from your library.
  • Change the device in which you are currently playing.
  • Search tracks, albums, artists and playlists.

Try it out

Warning: Spotify Playback requires users to authenticate with a valid Spotify Premium subscription.

How to Run locally

First you need a Spotify Client ID.

$ git clone
$ cd spotify-react-web-client
$ yarn install

You will have to define a ‘.env’ file and set the following variables:


Now run:

$ yarn start

and visit http://localhost:3000.

Use Docker!

docker-compose up -d


browse playlist artist search songs More in images folder.


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