Stuck Overclone

Stuck Overclone is a clone of Stack Overflow

Main Links

Questions Index

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  • The questions index page is going to list all of the top questions based on views, answers and votes.
  • The question titles will be links to each individual question page which will have all of the answers, comments, voting statistics and most importantly, Code!

Features to add:

- Eventually the header's search bar will allow users to search for questions based on key words.
- Dynamic tags will allow the authors of questions to add keywords referencing the code and technology.

Login/Signup Page

  • The signup page is a simple form to allow users to signup which will intern give them access to the features listed on the left side of the form.
  • There will be a link to signup the user or login if the user already has an account.

Features to add:

- CSS and styling needs to be fixed.
- Demo Login feature.


  • Provides a searchbar, logo with link to splash page, and dynamic buttons for logging in and signing up which will change to a users profile badge if there is an active session.
  • Provides links to the developers LinkedIn and Github accounts.



- Ruby
- Rails


- JQuery
- JBuilder
- Redux


- JavaScript
- React
- [Styled Components](
- [React Icons](


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