About The Project

Yum is a next.js social media webapp based around baking that automatically posts a random desert from a food api to the feed after there has been no posts/activity for 30 minutes.

API List:

Some of these APIs require api keys to use. You can get one by signing up for the service on their website. You can signup with a random email from here.

Built With

Yum is currently being built with tailwindcss, next.js, react, and bootstrap. This list will grow over time.

Next React Bootstrap Tailwind

Getting Started

Run these commands on your terminal.

git clone https://github.com/r6nted/yum.feed
cd yum.feed


To install this projects dependencies run the commands below in your terminal.

  • npm
    npm install
  • yarn
    yarn install


To run yum, first make sure you have installed all of the dependencies, then configure your api keys in the config.js file. Finally, run the commands below.

  • npm run dev, or yarn run dev


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