Store NFT collection with its metadata on the perma-web or locally with a single click.


  • JPEGs are stored on CDN’s.
  • If the maintainer of a project stops paying for the CDN, your NFT will 404 ?
  • Project meta-data might be stored off-chain too (explicit traits), additionally adding to the problem
  • I might have 1000 NFT’s, clicking through each one and saving it would be painful user experience


Original idea credit nnnnicholas

Screen Shot 2021-12-04 at 2 48 34 PM

  • Users should be able to sign in with their Ethereum wallet, load their NFT collection
  • Users should be shown which NFT’s metadata is or isn’t stored on the perma-web
  • Users should have a clear CTA to download their metadata. Similarly to how F***b**k handles its data export


  • Similar to how the Hashmasks have used Arweave to save metadata to the perma web.

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