Codefolio is a personalized portfolio creation platform designed for programmers. Offering a seamless experience in showcasing your coding skills and projects. Enjoy the balance of a standardized and customizable portfolio creation.

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  • Customizable Layouts: Personalize your portfolio layout to match your style and preference with multiple themes (more themes coming soon).
  • Project Highlight: Choose to feature your best work prominently on your portfolio.
  • Responsive Design: Your portfolio will look great on desktop, tablet, and mobile devices.
  • Downloadable React Code: Access and download the React code to have full control over your portfolio and experiment with it locally.
  • One-Click Deployment: Easily deploy your application with a seamless deployment process integrated within the platform, taking the hassle out of getting your portfolio live.


Codefolio leverages a robust and flexible architecture to provide a seamless experience. Here’s an overview of the underlying technologies:

  • Domain Management: Utilizes AWS Route 53 for intelligent domain routing.
  • Content Distribution: Amazon CloudFront ensures fast, secure delivery of the website.
  • Website Hosting: AWS S3 hosts the static website content, offering reliability and scalability.
  • Authentication: Amazon Cognito User Pools are integrated for secure user authentication.
  • Backend Integration: AWS API Gateway handles backend integration, enabling dynamic content and functionality.
  • Serverless Functions: AWS Lambda is used for invocations from API Gateway and performing database operations, ensuring a flexible and efficient backend.
  • User Profile Deployment: An SQS queue, along with an EC2 instance, manages the deployment of user profiles to individually created buckets. This architecture supports both flexibility and isolation of user data.


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