? Superkey is under development and is not ready for production. If you have any bugs or problems please create an issue. ?

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? Introduction

Superkey is a stylized command palette component built with React, Tailwind CSS & HeadlessUI ready to be used in your next project.

? Getting Started

  • ? Superkey is only compatible with React 18.

1. Install dependency:

npm install superkey

2. Import styles:

import "superkey/styles.css";

3. How to use:

import { Command, CommandInput, CommandList, CommandOption } from "superkey";

function App() {
  return (
    <Command open={true}>
      <CommandInput />
        <CommandOption value="Option 1">
          <h1>Option 1</h1>
        <CommandOption value="Option 2">
          <h1>Option 1</h1>
  • ? Check examples here.

? Props


Prop Description Required
⚙️ children Inside it uses the input, list and options components. Required
⚙️ open Open or close the command palette. Required
⚙️ commandFunction Function to be executed when click an option. Optional
⚙️ onClose Function to be executed when close the command palette. Optional
⚙️ afterLeave Function to be executed after close the command palette. Optional
? className Class to be added to the command palette. Optional
? overlayClassName Class to be added to the overlay. Optional


Prop Description Type
⚙️ onChange Action when the user types in the search field. Required
⚙️ placeholder The placeholder of the search text field. Optional
? searchIcon Adds an icon to the search field. Optional
? className Class to be added to the all component. Optional
? inputClassName Class to be added to the input text field component. Optional


Prop Description Type
⚙️ children Inside imports CommandOptions. Required


Prop Description Type
⚙️ value Value of each option. Required
⚙️ children Inside, the option information will be displayed. Required
? className Modifies the styles of the option component. Optional

?️ Roadmap

  • Improve light & dark mode.
  • Add dark mode.
  • Add more examples (using Remix).
  • Create website.

? Examples

? Contributing

  1. Fork & clone the project:
git clone [email protected]:[your-user]/superkey.git
  1. Install dependencies:

cd superkey
npm install
  1. Make your changes, create commits and push to your fork:

git add .
git commit -m "My super changes"
git push origin [your-branch]
  1. Open a pull request ?.

? License


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