This is a template component for publishing Ionic React Functional Components to npm.

Copy this template, change a few files, publish your component to npm. No fuss. No muss. Easy, peasy.

It’s super easy, but it’s also pretty opinionated:

  • This is for ReactJS components (will it work for React Native? I don’t know — maybe? probably?)
  • This is designed for Ionic Framework projects, although it can be adapated for non-Ionic projects pretty easily.
  • This is for Functional Components (not Class-based components.) If you have a constructor(), you’re probably in the wrong place.

Customize Me!

Add as many components as you like, but for each one make sure you:

  • use export const at the beginning of each component you want to expose: see Hello.tsx
  • import any files that have exposed components, utility functions, or models in index.ts

Deploy Me!

A script has been provided, but it basically just does two things:

npm run build
npm publish


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