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Export tests from the DevTools Recorder panel to Testing Library test scripts using Jest.

Open a recording and click export to use the Testing Library script option.



  1. Create a new recording via the Recorder panel.
  2. Hover over the export icon
  3. Click Export as a Testing Library script
  4. Save file as {testName}.test.{ts,js}
  5. Install dependencies
    npm install --save-dev jest jest-environment-jsdom jest-environment-url @testing-library/dom @testing-library/user-event @testing-library/jest-dom
    yarn add --dev jest jest-environment-jsdom jest-environment-url @testing-library/dom @testing-library/user-event @testing-library/jest-dom
  6. Run tests with jest


Supported Chrome Recorder Step Types

Type Output
change await userEvent.type(element, 'value')
click await userEvent.click(element)
click (right) await userEvent.click(element, {buttons: 2})
hover await userEvent.hover(element)
doubleClick await userEvent.dblClick(element)
keyDown await userEvent.keyboard('{Key>}')
keyUp await userEvent.keyboard('{/Key}')
navigate * expect(location.href).toBe('https://example.com/') expect(document.title).toBe('Example Domain')
waitForElement await waitFor(() => element)
waitForExpression await waitFor(() => expression)

* Only one navigate step is allowed per test because jest-environment-url must load pages since jsdom does not support navigation. Without any navigate steps, you’ll need to edit your test to manually load the DOM.



  "title": "Example",
  "steps": [
      "type": "navigate",
      "url": "https://example.com/",
      "assertedEvents": [
          "type": "navigation",
          "url": "https://example.com/",
          "title": "Example Domain"
      "type": "waitForElement",
      "selectors": [
        ["aria/More information..."],
        ["body > div > p:nth-child(3) > a"]

Test Output

 * @jest-environment url
 * @jest-environment-options { "url": "https://example.com/" }
const {screen, waitFor} = require('@testing-library/dom')
const {default: userEvent} = require('@testing-library/user-event')

test('Example', async () => {
  expect(document.title).toBe('Example Domain')
  await waitFor(() => screen.getByText('More information...'))



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