A simple react component that handles your JSON editing woes in a wink ?

The What and Why

This is a simple React Component (and hence the “rc”) that takes your JSON as input and renders a beautiful UI which allows you to edit the JSON on the go. I searched the web for this component for my specific needs and was not able to find one. And so, I created one.

Why do you want a json-editor component?

You may think, why waste time on a component, while you can put content-editable="true" on a code tag and allow your users to edit their JSON themselves. But the catch here is, not everyone knows the syntax of a JSON. This tool could help in that case.

This is not the “Perfect” component

It is just a start, issues and PRs are welcome if you find this component helping your needs. Find the Demo Storybook

The How?

This component purely works on a custom Datatype called JsonArray which extends the Array class. So you know, it is an array of sorts, with some additional custom components.

This is a in-progress doc, so please visit the JsonArrayClass.ts file for the complete implementation.

Changes are welcome so are feedbacks.


There are no big dependencies per se.

  • react
  • react-dom

TBD: Things to do

  • Provide the full control of the rendering part as a prop, so that users can render the UI based on their needs.
  • Provide event callbacks


Install the package from npm

npm install rc-json-editor

This is a simple usage example

import { JsonEditor } from 'rc-json-editor';

    order: {
      id: 'order_124831sf23j123',
      isSuccess: true,
      price: 70000
  onChange={() => {}}


  • data – A JSON that needs to be viewed/edited
  • onChange – A callback that gets executed when the data is updated


Find the demo here – https://samuellawrentz.github.io/rc-json-editor/?path=/story/introduction–page

NPM Package

NPM package link – https://www.npmjs.com/package/rc-json-editor


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