Minimal House Remix Stack

The Minimal Remix Stack Cover

⚠️ This is community maintained Remix Stack. The Remix team does not endorse or check this. Learn more about Remix Stacks.

npx create-remix --template BogDAAAMN/minimal-remix-stack

What’s in the stack

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Package Version
? React 18.2.0
? Remix 1.6.7
? Tailwind 3.0.24


Click this button to create a Gitpod workspace with the project set up, and all the packages pre-installed

Gitpod Ready-to-Code


⚠️ This step only applies if you’ve opted out of having the CLI install dependencies for you:

npx remix init

Start dev server:

yarn dev


First, build your app for production:

yarn build

Then run the app in production mode:

yarn start

Now you’ll need to pick a host to deploy it to. Read more at Remix | Deployment.


This project uses TypeScript. It’s recommended to get TypeScript set up for your editor to get a really great in-editor experience with type checking and auto-complete.


This project uses ESLint for linting. That is configured in .eslintrc.js.


We use Prettier for auto-formatting in this project. It’s recommended to install an editor plugin (like the VSCode Prettier plugin) to get auto-formatting on save. There’s also a npm run format script you can run to format all files in the project.


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