recording audio and drawing the curve. support for converting the audio to wav.


npm install react-audio-analyser --save


  • Record audio and show the curve
  • Support output audio/wav
  • Various state callbacks


import React, {Component} from "react";
import "./index.css";
import AudioAnalyser from "react-audio-analyser"

export default class demo extends Component {
    constructor(props) {
        this.state = {
            status: null

    controlAudio(status) {

    render() {
        const {status, audioSrc} = this.state;
        const audioProps = {
            audioType: "audio/wav", // Temporarily only supported audio/wav, default audio/webm
            status, // Triggering component updates by changing status
            startCallback: (e) => {
                console.log("succ start", e)
            pauseCallback: (e) => {
                console.log("succ pause", e)
            stopCallback: (e) => {
                    audioSrc: window.URL.createObjectURL(e)
                console.log("succ stop", e)
        return (
            <AudioAnalyser {...audioProps}>
                <div className="btn-box">
                    {status !== "recording" &&
                    <i className="iconfont icon-start" title="开始"
                       onClick={() => this.controlAudio("recording")}></i>}
                    {status === "recording" &&
                    <i className="iconfont icon-pause" title="暂停"
                       onClick={() => this.controlAudio("paused")}></i>}
                    <i className="iconfont icon-stop" title="停止"
                       onClick={() => this.controlAudio("inactive")}></i>


Properties Description Default IsRequired
status recording start , paused pause , inactive stop undefined yes
audioType audio output type audio/webm no
audioSrc window.URL.createObjectURL of output audio blob ,when the prop set, showing the audio control list null no
startCallback Function triggered after starting(resuming) recording undefined no
pauseCallback Function triggered after pausing recording undefined no
stopCallback Function triggered after stoping recording undefined no
errorCallback Function triggered after error undefined no
backgroundColor audio canvas backgroundColor rgba(0, 0, 0, 1) no
strokeColor audio canvas strokeColor #ffffff no
className audio canvas css classname audioContainer no
audioBitsPerSecond audioBitsPerSecond 128000 no
width audio canvas width 500px no
height audio canvas height 100px no
audioOptions output audio/wav options {} no
audioOptions.sampleRate output audio/wav sampleRate no