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A library of UI components specifically crafted for web3 use cases.

The Motive



This project is built with the following open source libraries, frameworks and languages.

Tech Description
React Front end user interface
ChakraUI A simple & modular component library
TypeScript Static type-checking programming language

How to Contribute


  2. Check the ISSUES for a TO-DO list of problems to fix and things to add. Read every issue to understand what’s needed and whether it’s something you can help with.

  3. Ask other contributors to see if no one has taken the issue yet. If you’re interested in tackling such a feature and it’s still available, we will assign you to the task.

  4. Fork the repo and create your own branch using git checkout -b your_branch_name. Remember to use a branch name that describes WHAT you’re doing/fixing.

  5. Setup your local development environment. Instructions here

  6. Once your work is done with the local copy of the repo, don’t hesitate to draw a pull request. We’ll gladly revise and push as deemed fit.

  7. Feel free to add new issues as you read the code and find inconsistencies and/or possible features that may add up to the website. Follow the labeling standards to make it easier to understand what you’re proposing.

  8. Document changes and/or issues clearly. Make it easy for everyone involved to understand your ideas/changes.

This project follows the all-contributors specification. Contributions of any kind welcome!


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