Valorant API React Project

? Information

  • With the usage of Valorant API from , thie project is made of different kinds of information about Valorant Game
  • Here is the explanation of the project
    • General information about the game in the home page
    • General information about agents with their characteristic features
    • General information about gears which agents can wear
    • General information about maps
    • General information about weapons which agents can buy before starting the game
    • Adding language feaetures to convert all information to selected language through i18next
    • Adding toggle button to change the theme of the webiste (dark mode, light mode)

? Run the App

1 ) Download your project from this link

2 ) Go to the project’s home directory : cd ValorantApiReactProject

3 ) Install all libraries used in the project through this command npm install

4 ) Run the project though this command npm start


Click here to show the screenshots of project

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Figure 2

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Figure 7


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