This React capstone project is about building a mobile web application to check a list of metrics (numeric values) that you will create making use of React and Redux.

We will select an API that provides numeric data about a topic that you like and then build the webapp around it. The webapp will have several pages:

  • one page with a list of items that could be filtered by some parameters; This page should be your homepage.
  • one page for the item details;


  • Home Page
    localhost_3000_(Moto G4)
  • Details Page
    localhost_3000_(Moto G4) (1)


Built With

  • React-Redux
  • CSS3

Technologies used

  • Github
  • Gitflow
  • Visual Studio Code

Live Demo

Getting Started

To clone this project :

  • Run command: git clone
  • Or press the green Code button in the upper right corner and choose to download from the Download ZIP link.


  • Add linters from linters-config

  • Set up a new project Create React App (CRA)

  • to create a React application is using Create React App (CRA) and following the instructions in this guide

npx create-react-app react-redux-capstone
cd react-redux-capstone
npm start
  • Add React Redux
npm install react-redux

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Feel free to check the issues page.

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