Real-time EXMO Trade tiles.

This project was invented by myself and it was created for my own portfolio and you most likely can’t be able
to find a use for it in real life. I’m not a cryptocurrency trader ?

But this project is made to show my experience in some of Frontend technologies, such as:

  • ReactJS (I didn’t use Redux here, but I knew it too.);
  • EXMO WebSocket API;
  • SVG icons (some of them I drew myself);
  • Typescript (Currently I move it from native JS to Typescript);
  • Consta ( with ready-to-use Components.

How to start the project

This project was bootstrapped with Create React App so there are
standard scripts to start and build Application, for example:

  • yarn start
  • yarn build

Thus all you need is install dependencies and start the App.

But one thing you needs to be done is to create .env file in a Project root folder, for example:
with the following content:





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