Today I Learned App

It is created with Reactjs and basically it helps you to post a new fact and then people can vote on your fact.

Screenshot (9563)

First you should click on the share a fact button. Then you share your fact.

If you want to share a fact you probally have to include these:

  • ✅ The content of your fact
  • 🚀 A trustworthy source which starts with [http:// or https://] like
  • 🔥 And the fact’s category [which you can choose from a dropdown list]

Also remeber that there is a 200 letter limit to your fact😉

Each fact consists of 3 buttons:

  • 👍 Interesting
  • 🤯 Mind-blowing
  • ⛔ False

Note that if your fact’s false votes are more than your interesting and mind blowing facts together your fact will be disputed.

Also there is a caterogy section which includes various categories such as:

  • All
  • Science
  • Technology
  • Finance
  • Society
  • Entertainment
  • Health
  • History
  • News

🔺 The app is connected to Supabase and you can retrive data from the databse, update and also insert new data.

🔹 Not to mention that the app is mobile friendly (It is completely responsive on mobile devices)


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